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Kolkata Chakma Students’ Association is a non-profit students’ association which came into existence during the year of 2006 with the objective of strengthening unity among the Chakmas residing at Kolkata and various other parts of the West Bengal, India. The KCSA believes in ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ which is so true and applicable to our society today that the association picked it up as its main objective. With the collective effort it is our belief that we can create a wonderful world whose good effect would not only be confined to students’ community but also have much impact to other sections of our society. Read more.

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What are we?

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Freshers programme 2016

The Kolkata Chakma Students Association(KCSA) on 16th October, 2016 celebrated its freshers' meet program at Rabindra Tirtha Auditorium, Newtown, Kolkata. Around 200-250 people from Kolkata attended in Freshers' meet.
The attendees includes guests, employees, members and well-wishers. Dangu Nihar Kanti Chakma, Member of Legislative Assembly, Government of Mizoram and Dangu Gautam Prasad Talukdar, Retired Senior Joint Commissioner, West Bengal Sales Tax, Kolkata were the main guests.
Dangu Gyana Talukdar, Advisor of KCSA could not attend the event due to his health condition.
Dangu Sasmit Chakma, General Secretary of Kolkata Chakma Students Association gave a welcome speech and Dangu MAcmilan Chakma, President of Kolkata Chakma Students Association spoke about the current and upcoming activities of the NGO.
Dangu Gautam Prasad Talukdar spoken about focusing on studies and building career to strengthen our Chakma Society. Dangu Nihar Kanti Chakma spoke about the need of Unity and Integrity of Students community in Kolkata advised to students to focus on career.
The cultural evening saw a number of popular and entertaining cultural performances from the students, including traditional songs and dances reminiscing about the traditional Chakma way of life.
Guest band Second Sight, a band from Kolkata and Dance Crew Caper Maniac Crew made the event more joyful and colourful.
Etimuni Chakma, Cultural Secretary and Bhabatosh Chakma sports secretary intended to make the event multi cultural which as a result; the students performed not only in traditional numbers but also in Hindi and English numbers. A heart touching poem about a girl losing her father was written and recited by Dr. Nipam Chakma.
KCSA was founded in 2006 with members from different states of the country like Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Mizoram, West Bengal and also from Bangladesh.
KCSA is platform for addressing some of the common challenges faced by the students studying in Kolkata who often find difficult to choose subjects and colleges as well as financial crises and many other challenges usually faced by people from the northeastern states and also to help and guide patients coming from different regions.
KCSA seeks to empower every student, and has conducted numerous volunteer works.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

KCSA: Fresher's cum get together programme Trailer 2015

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Let’s change ourselves, others and entire community.

Thousands of people talk about the concept of ‘unity’ and its importance which has become so much important today as compared to the last few decades. People understand the fruits of unity, its significance and relevance but very few have the idea how to build ‘unity’. In the history of Chakmas, it has been common thing to hear that despite your enormous effort you put to strengthen the unity among the ‘Chakmas’ you cannot guarantee of achieving it. This negative thought has spread from one person to another so much that people started believing it. They also made this negative thought as culture and even some say it has been continuing from generation to generation and started blaming to our own ‘Chakmas genes’.
If one is practical enough and give a reason into it, one would find it is neither a culture nor in our genes. It is in fact, a result of conditioning; we have been conditioned by our past generations to believe into it and we, the fools have been following it blindly. Even we also had witnessed some disunity activities among us and it had made that negative belief stronger arguably to believe. But I say, “So what, if we are determined and believe in our ability and freedom of our choice we make, we will achieve unity among us irrespective of our professions, place and individualism.” One of the very famous writers has said, “You are what you chose to be”. If you freely choose to stay in unity, there is no one, nor would even the God be able to prevent you from staying in unity. Choice is your freedom and right, so it is your birth right.
However, for that you have to be empowered to achieve it; you have to stop leading the lives of others; you have to lead your own life. If you are directed by your parents and others emotionally, physically and intellectually then you are simply playing the role of scripts created by them. But you must create your own script and play the role all yourself. In context of strengthening of ‘Unity’ the first thing you need is a little self change and self-adjustment. For instance, if someone is trying harder to create dispute between you and your friends and tells you some of the unexpected things about them presenting you, you must not show any reaction into it. Rather, you must feel powerful enough and think those things won’t have any impact because you are so strong that you can choose not feel any anger against them. Here comes the empowerment into play where you have the control of your own life and emotions, so anger is an emotion that you have the power to control it.  
People who are reactive are the ones who always react to anything which comes to them; they while reacting to certain circumstance or situation even lose their cool and drag them into different complexities which creates far worse situation than the present one.
Why one can find differences arising among people and even leading to arguments leading to disputes? Everybody has his or her own paradigms and paradigm is how you look at things; it is a kind of perception. When you look at a person who wore hat, t-shirt and jean, definitely you will think and take him to be sporty by nature. Same is the case, you see thing in your own way through your inner eyes and you want all others to see the world in the way you see. But just like what you see through, others also have their own perspective and ways of seeing the world or things. It is the factor which creates argument and disagreement leading to disputes and comes the difference. It is the reason one must respect to other’s perception just to end up such differences. The ability to accept things just to prevent further damage to the relationship you share with a person is actually the power that you have and choice you can make and freedom you can enjoy to do. It is the reason someone has said “Evil sees evils” and it is so true today.
Now we have to change ourselves first and then others and then our entire community where we can build long lasting unity among us just to enjoy a sea change we can have. We have to break the shackles of our thinking pattern which is continuing from the past; we have to imbibe self-belief in us, self-confidence and develop good habits because unless we show our own good habits, others will not listen us. It is the reason everyone must come forward to show solidarity and unity even in whichever way, so that the entire world can see us that we can actually get united. The persons who have hatred against others is just like electric dynamo where the dynamo releasing current to other elements would get the same current returning back to it. Therefore, we must never nurture hatred in us because same hatred will come to us if we give it to others just like the electrical dynamo.

Written by
 Vivekananda Chakma, 
G.S. Kolkata Chakma Students' Association
(Attempting to build unity as an initial step)
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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

In fond memory of our Leader, M.N. Larma !

In the fond memory of the Great Chakma Jummo leader, M.N. Larma, Kolkata Chakma students’ Association (KCSA) came forward in offering the tribute to the great works carried out by the martyred leader for his soul to rest in peace. The program started with lighting the candle and observing of silence for a minute where the entire students and other intellectuals attended the program have simultaneously kept silence for a minute.

After that Mr. Vivekananda Chakma, Secretary General of KCSA delivered a welcome speech welcoming everyone. He also dwelt at length stressing in his speech in the legacy of the great leader and furthered told how unity among entire chakma community can be prevailed. Unity is the strength and today the responsibility of the student has drastically increased and study has not been the only form of responsibility to be fulfilled by the students’ community. They must come forward in social occasion and try to grab the opportunity of learning from the dignitaries present in the occasion.
Thereafter, an inspiring poem was sung by Nipam Chakma who later on soared everyone with inspiration by wonderful speech which inspired every attendee and none of them couldn’t resist from clapping. After that inspiring and motivational speech was delivered by Mr. Hogendra Chakma which inspired everyone present. Soon after came the speech delivered by Sinchin Larma, the niece of martyred leader M.N. Larma.

Right after followed was the valuable informative speech by Gautam Talukdar who gave insight information how the leader led his selfless life for sake of our entire Jummo community. Then Azal Chakma came up with a patriotic poem which enjoyed everyone and fetched the sense of patriotism. He also delivered encouraging speech stressing about the importance of unity and cooperation which is essential from the context of today’s world.

Besides, some other important Chakma leaders also came to be known who had die hard patriotic feelings towards the society and played important role for entire community. Those were Sneha kumar Chakma and Kamini Dewan who is said to be the first Chakma to come into politics for community welfare.

Lastly, it was the Chitali chakma who with her sweet speech giving the vote of thanks to all folded up the program. The entire program was run smoothly by Sasmit Chakma, financial secretary, KCSA with his wonderful anchoring expertise. The credit should also be shared with all other members who immensely helped in getting the event successful. It was all in all a program to miss especially for those who couldn’t attend for various reasons. 
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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How i have been inspired by the freshers' event by KCSA

Among the countless uprisings and revolts which took place in the history, the students had played an inseparable and very important role. In this respect what will be the role of the students among minority group like CHAKMAs, should be left to be answered by the near future. As no scattered movement can bring adequate results so the small revolts and revolution scattered around should be unified to turn into a stronger movement and this is exactly what the work of a youth organization. The seed to this foundation was laid by fresher welcome ceremony of KCSA. The Chakma students come Kolkata from different states and different country for different fields of works, so bringing them all together on a same platform is important but at the same time challenging too. This challenging task has been undertaken by KCSA which provide us with deep happiness and joy.

Now coming on the fresher welcome programme. The motive behind this is not only welcoming the new students but also establish a bond between the new and the old generation. This leads to conglomeration of the new thoughts with the old and makes the society stronger and more unified in their thoughts and actions. Fulfilling these aspects I think the freshers’ meet of KCSA was great success.

I was lucky being a part of KCSA programme from its commencement till conclusion for which I pay my gratification towards the organization. Feeling highly motivated and enthusiastic by this event, i will always stand in support of the KCSA in the future always.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mr Ajal chakma who was the backbone of this programme, Mr Susmit chakma, Mr Vivekananda Chakma, Miss fifa chakma, Miss Nimoni Chakma,Mr. Macmillan Chakma(founder of this website),Mr.Raju debbarman ,and the whole team of KCSA for their perseverance and hard work by which we could witness this successful programme.

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