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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How i have been inspired by the freshers' event by KCSA

Among the countless uprisings and revolts which took place in the history, the students had played an inseparable and very important role. In this respect what will be the role of the students among minority group like CHAKMAs, should be left to be answered by the near future. As no scattered movement can bring adequate results so the small revolts and revolution scattered around should be unified to turn into a stronger movement and this is exactly what the work of a youth organization. The seed to this foundation was laid by fresher welcome ceremony of KCSA. The Chakma students come Kolkata from different states and different country for different fields of works, so bringing them all together on a same platform is important but at the same time challenging too. This challenging task has been undertaken by KCSA which provide us with deep happiness and joy.

Now coming on the fresher welcome programme. The motive behind this is not only welcoming the new students but also establish a bond between the new and the old generation. This leads to conglomeration of the new thoughts with the old and makes the society stronger and more unified in their thoughts and actions. Fulfilling these aspects I think the freshers’ meet of KCSA was great success.

I was lucky being a part of KCSA programme from its commencement till conclusion for which I pay my gratification towards the organization. Feeling highly motivated and enthusiastic by this event, i will always stand in support of the KCSA in the future always.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mr Ajal chakma who was the backbone of this programme, Mr Susmit chakma, Mr Vivekananda Chakma, Miss fifa chakma, Miss Nimoni Chakma,Mr. Macmillan Chakma(founder of this website),Mr.Raju debbarman ,and the whole team of KCSA for their perseverance and hard work by which we could witness this successful programme.

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