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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

In fond memory of our Leader, M.N. Larma !

In the fond memory of the Great Chakma Jummo leader, M.N. Larma, Kolkata Chakma students’ Association (KCSA) came forward in offering the tribute to the great works carried out by the martyred leader for his soul to rest in peace. The program started with lighting the candle and observing of silence for a minute where the entire students and other intellectuals attended the program have simultaneously kept silence for a minute.

After that Mr. Vivekananda Chakma, Secretary General of KCSA delivered a welcome speech welcoming everyone. He also dwelt at length stressing in his speech in the legacy of the great leader and furthered told how unity among entire chakma community can be prevailed. Unity is the strength and today the responsibility of the student has drastically increased and study has not been the only form of responsibility to be fulfilled by the students’ community. They must come forward in social occasion and try to grab the opportunity of learning from the dignitaries present in the occasion.
Thereafter, an inspiring poem was sung by Nipam Chakma who later on soared everyone with inspiration by wonderful speech which inspired every attendee and none of them couldn’t resist from clapping. After that inspiring and motivational speech was delivered by Mr. Hogendra Chakma which inspired everyone present. Soon after came the speech delivered by Sinchin Larma, the niece of martyred leader M.N. Larma.

Right after followed was the valuable informative speech by Gautam Talukdar who gave insight information how the leader led his selfless life for sake of our entire Jummo community. Then Azal Chakma came up with a patriotic poem which enjoyed everyone and fetched the sense of patriotism. He also delivered encouraging speech stressing about the importance of unity and cooperation which is essential from the context of today’s world.

Besides, some other important Chakma leaders also came to be known who had die hard patriotic feelings towards the society and played important role for entire community. Those were Sneha kumar Chakma and Kamini Dewan who is said to be the first Chakma to come into politics for community welfare.

Lastly, it was the Chitali chakma who with her sweet speech giving the vote of thanks to all folded up the program. The entire program was run smoothly by Sasmit Chakma, financial secretary, KCSA with his wonderful anchoring expertise. The credit should also be shared with all other members who immensely helped in getting the event successful. It was all in all a program to miss especially for those who couldn’t attend for various reasons. 
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