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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Let’s change ourselves, others and entire community.

Thousands of people talk about the concept of ‘unity’ and its importance which has become so much important today as compared to the last few decades. People understand the fruits of unity, its significance and relevance but very few have the idea how to build ‘unity’. In the history of Chakmas, it has been common thing to hear that despite your enormous effort you put to strengthen the unity among the ‘Chakmas’ you cannot guarantee of achieving it. This negative thought has spread from one person to another so much that people started believing it. They also made this negative thought as culture and even some say it has been continuing from generation to generation and started blaming to our own ‘Chakmas genes’.
If one is practical enough and give a reason into it, one would find it is neither a culture nor in our genes. It is in fact, a result of conditioning; we have been conditioned by our past generations to believe into it and we, the fools have been following it blindly. Even we also had witnessed some disunity activities among us and it had made that negative belief stronger arguably to believe. But I say, “So what, if we are determined and believe in our ability and freedom of our choice we make, we will achieve unity among us irrespective of our professions, place and individualism.” One of the very famous writers has said, “You are what you chose to be”. If you freely choose to stay in unity, there is no one, nor would even the God be able to prevent you from staying in unity. Choice is your freedom and right, so it is your birth right.
However, for that you have to be empowered to achieve it; you have to stop leading the lives of others; you have to lead your own life. If you are directed by your parents and others emotionally, physically and intellectually then you are simply playing the role of scripts created by them. But you must create your own script and play the role all yourself. In context of strengthening of ‘Unity’ the first thing you need is a little self change and self-adjustment. For instance, if someone is trying harder to create dispute between you and your friends and tells you some of the unexpected things about them presenting you, you must not show any reaction into it. Rather, you must feel powerful enough and think those things won’t have any impact because you are so strong that you can choose not feel any anger against them. Here comes the empowerment into play where you have the control of your own life and emotions, so anger is an emotion that you have the power to control it.  
People who are reactive are the ones who always react to anything which comes to them; they while reacting to certain circumstance or situation even lose their cool and drag them into different complexities which creates far worse situation than the present one.
Why one can find differences arising among people and even leading to arguments leading to disputes? Everybody has his or her own paradigms and paradigm is how you look at things; it is a kind of perception. When you look at a person who wore hat, t-shirt and jean, definitely you will think and take him to be sporty by nature. Same is the case, you see thing in your own way through your inner eyes and you want all others to see the world in the way you see. But just like what you see through, others also have their own perspective and ways of seeing the world or things. It is the factor which creates argument and disagreement leading to disputes and comes the difference. It is the reason one must respect to other’s perception just to end up such differences. The ability to accept things just to prevent further damage to the relationship you share with a person is actually the power that you have and choice you can make and freedom you can enjoy to do. It is the reason someone has said “Evil sees evils” and it is so true today.
Now we have to change ourselves first and then others and then our entire community where we can build long lasting unity among us just to enjoy a sea change we can have. We have to break the shackles of our thinking pattern which is continuing from the past; we have to imbibe self-belief in us, self-confidence and develop good habits because unless we show our own good habits, others will not listen us. It is the reason everyone must come forward to show solidarity and unity even in whichever way, so that the entire world can see us that we can actually get united. The persons who have hatred against others is just like electric dynamo where the dynamo releasing current to other elements would get the same current returning back to it. Therefore, we must never nurture hatred in us because same hatred will come to us if we give it to others just like the electrical dynamo.

Written by
 Vivekananda Chakma, 
G.S. Kolkata Chakma Students' Association
(Attempting to build unity as an initial step)
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