Reg. No. S/IL39410 of 2006-2007 Under The West Bengal Society Registration Act XXVI of 1961

Kolkata Chakma Students’ Association is a non-profit students’ association which came into existence during the year of 2006 with the objective of strengthening unity among the Chakmas residing at Kolkata and various other parts of the West Bengal.
The KCSA believes in ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ which is so true and applicable to our society today that the association picked it up as its main objective. With the collective effort it is our belief that we can create a wonderful world whose good effect would not only be confined to students’ community but also have much impact to other sections of our society. The association also aims of initiating various kinds of programs which can be beneficial for social, cultural, political and educational and all round development of the individual which is the need of the hour.
The association also determined to help out the Chakmas who are deprived of their political and fundamental rights and became the victims of some of the social hindrances. The roles and functions of the executive body members have been given as follows.

Powers and functions of the Executive body members
     1. Administrative

  1. President: He represents the entire association and mainly deals with building of network in Kolkata and many other places of the world. He is the important person for decision making by the KCSA. He is responsible for dealing with the high level talks and dialogues with senior most leaders and any other organizations. He is authorized to sign while passing any decision which is favorable for the KCSA after thorough consultation with the executive members.

  1. Vice-President:  He has the same powers and functions as president. He holds the office in case the President cannot bear the office for some reasons; sickness, outstation and resignation or in case the post lies vacant for any circumstances. He is authorized to sign while passing any decision which is favorable for the KCSA after thorough consultation with the executive members in case the absence of the President.

  1. Secretary General: He is important for decision making and his major task is to look after the efficient running of the entire association. He implements the tasks and any kind of functions as decided by the body. He is responsible to ensure implementation of any bill passed by the body in General body meeting or any sort of high level meeting and responsibly leads the entire secretaries of each department.

  1. Joint Secretary: He plays the same role as General Secretary and also responsible for leading the entire team in the association. He is authorized to implement the bill passed by the body after much more observation and consultation with the concerned body members. He plays a significant role in assisting the General Secretary in carrying out the functions and responsibilities for smooth and efficient functioning of the association.
     2. Communication and Public Relation
Secretary: He is important person for the association and maintains the brand of the KCSA. He is responsible for effective internal and external communication among the team members of the association. He is responsible to bring the attention of the people for any kind of occasions and events and responsibly disseminate vital information to them about anything or moves made by the body. He is authorized to speak diplomatically to outsiders but after consultation with the President or G.S.   
     3. Development
This department is responsible for taking care of the overall progress and growth of the KCSA. The secretary is responsible for keeping the data of new comers and ensuring those new comers to join the association. The department will also be responsible for collecting monthly fees and bringing people into the association to make the KCSA more strong and effective.
     4. Students and social welfare
The Secretaries are responsible for welfare of the students; they are responsible mainly for eying if any student is facing any problems; sickness, depressions, taking admissions, guidance, or in need of blood etc. The department will take care of every need of the student for making the environment conducive for perfect study. The department will also take care of further assistance to common persons who approach to KCSA seeking help for medical guidance and any kind of pleasurable travel and tourism.
     5. Finance
The secretaries are responsible for good maintenance of finance; maintenance of financial transparency is the responsible task of the secretaries. They are to keep the money collected by the Development team. They are responsible for financial audit about the monthly or yearly expenses occurred when needed at every General Meeting just to keep members and others well informed about the financial transparency.  

    6. Event and cultural
The secretaries are responsible for any kind of event and conference held by the KCSA. hey are also responsible for making the event or occasion as best by taking good care of the necessities like decoration of venue. conduction Cultural program. games & spors or any other sort of entertainment programs and arrangement of foods etc. after consultation with each secretary.

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