Reg. No. S/IL39410 of 2006-2007 Under The West Bengal Society Registration Act XXVI of 1961
Aims & Objects

  1. To preserve and promote the traditional cultural heritage, Arts & crafts, handlooms and to bring about educational awareness among the Chakma students studying in various fields of education in Kolkata/West Bengal.  
  2. To uphold religious tolerance and to conduct humanization programme for advancement of personal potentiality, socio-economic awareness and spiritual consciousness.
  3. To hold, arrange & organise meetings, lectures, talks & discussion, seminars, symposium, conference, competition, research, visits & tours, excursion, exhibitions, debates, cinema, audio visual programme, the artistic performance and other cultural activities, sports and games.
  4. To work for Justice, equality and fraternity and to promote fellow feeling, unity, love & compassion and spirit of peaceful co-existence among all communities in the state of West Bengal and in India.
  5. establish, maintain and run homes/hostels for the tribal, orphans & destitute children
  6. To publish or cause to be published useful literature, papers, magazines, books, periodicals etc for diffusion of knowledge.
  7. To establish, maintain and support institutions, library, reading rooms, auditorium, professionals, scholarship and prizes and so on.
  8. To accept and receive voluntary contributions from any person or persons, firm(s), company(s), institution(s), donations, legally gift, annual or monthly subscriptions in cash or kind for the benefit of the association and  shall apply such contributions in accordance with the objects of the association. Any form of contributions or donations receive shall be in favour of the association by A/c payee cheque/draft only.
  9. To construct, maintain, improve, develop and alter building, houses and other works necessary or convenient for the purpose of the association.
  10. The incomes and properties of the association whatsoever derived or obtained shall be applied solely towards the promotion and welfare activities of the association and no portion thereof shall be paid or divided amongst the members by way of profits.
  11. The association reserved right to identify the caste or sub-caste of the Chakma inhibiting in different places in the state of West Bengal and in India. 

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